Tilengine is a cross-platform 2D graphics engine for creating classic/retro games with tilemaps, sprites and palettes. Its scanline-based rendering algorithm makes raster effects a core feature, a technique used by many games running on real 2D graphics chips.

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This software is distributed under the FreeBSD license, making it free for any project

26/04/2017 - Bugfix 1.12.1 released

26/04/2017 - Version 1.12 released

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Main features


Tilengine is written in portable C, without dependencies on any OS, framework or third-patry proprietary component. Only a 32-bit C compiler is required. There are also wrappers for C#, Python, Java and Pascal

High performance

Tilengine is native code. There is no virtual machine or interpreter consuming additional resources. When Tilengine draws a frame, it uses all the CPU available


Tilengine is easily embeddable inside other game engines, acting as a slave renderer on an externally provided video surface

Graphical features

Raster effects

With Tilengine is possible to modify rendering parameters for each scanline. This technique is used to create visual effects in many high-profile 2D games


Every background layer in Tilengine can be rotated and scaled, and all sprites can be scaled. It's like mixing SNES Mode7 with Sega SuperScaler hardware.


All Tilengine elements (backgrounds and sprites) can have set to different types and levels of blending to do lighting, shadows or translucency effects.


Tilengine has a built-in sequencer to automate animations in sprites, tiles and palettes


The following examples are a selection of the included ones inside the download package. They are distributed as source code to showcase the main features and possibilities of Tilengine, and are designed to replicate how real 2D graphics chips work. The graphics assets are ripped from real games. Many screenshots can be clicked to view the sample in youtube.



Perspective projection

Perspective projection

Pseudo 3D road

Pseudo 3D road





Barrel distortion

Spinning barrel distortion

Sidescroller 2

Sidescroller 2

Scaling + blending

Scaling + blending

Palette effects

Color cycling + palette fading


Before downloading, please be aware that tilengine is a development tool, and as such it is not for everyone. Is it what you need? Check this guideline to know if it's what you're looking for!

Tilengine is for you:

  • You're a game programmer with classic 2D games in mind
  • You've developed a game engine and want to integrate arcade style 2D graphics

Tilengine is not for you:

  • You're a game designer without programming skills
  • You're looking for an all-in-one integrated game development suite
  • You want to develop Full HD / 4K GPU accelerated games

Each bundle contains the following items: