Tilengine is a free, cross-platform 2D graphics engine for creating classic/retro games with tile maps, sprites and palettes. Its unique scanline-based rendering algorithm makes raster effects a core feature, a technique used by many games running on real 2D graphics chips. This engine brings back the 16-bit era in its full glory and pushes it even further!

Main features

  • Written in portable C (C99)
  • MPL 2.0 Licensed: free for any project, including commercial ones
  • Cross platform: available builds for Windows (32/64), Linux PC(32/64), MacOS and Raspberry Pi
  • Built-in SDL-based windowing for quick tests
  • Integrate inside any existing framework as a slave renderer
  • True raster effects: modify render parameters between scanlines

Read Getting started if you're new to Tilengine to get an overview.

The Guides contains organized guides for every engine feature.

The API reference contains in-depth information about every function in the API.